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Dave D.
Angela has been a godsend for our family!She truly understands seniors and is skilled at connecting and communicating effectively with them. She has been managing key healthcare tasks for our aging parents, including coordinating specialized medical procedures for our Mom.This has been extremely valuable for us since we live time-zones away.It is obvious Angela has a passion for elder care given her level of expertise. She has gone above and beyond for us, even sacrificing her personal time to help us.It takes a special person to provide this kind of care for seniors, and we thank Angela tremendously for her services.
Angela is actively involved in overseeing our father’s care allowing him to continue living safely in his home even as his cognitive abilities and physical health continue to decline.She monitors his medications, in-home care services while also transporting him to and attending all medical appointments. Angela keeps us well informed of interactions and communications with his team of medical professionals.Our family is profoundly grateful to have Angela’s knowledge and understanding to guide us. Her experience is invaluable and has helped prevent re-hospitalizations.Angela’s calm presence, professionalism and compassion give us all peace of mind knowing our father is in very capable hands.
Sheila G.
Angela is great, very easy to work with. Her clients' well-being is her top priority. She contacted us here at Visiting Angels of Leominster to provided in-home visits for one of her clients, and I have been impressed with her compassion and professionalism. I would highly recommend Angela's services to anyone looking for elder care for a loved one.

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