Caregiving apps

Caregiving apps

Juggling multiple schedules, keeping other relatives informed, ensuring prescriptions are filled … these are but some of the many duties you may face as a family caregiver. In some instances, a simple spreadsheet can do the trick. But an app makes it easier to coordinate with others.

Admittedly, every app has a learning curve and may feel like “one more thing” to do. But if you have a smartphone and are so inclined, you may find these apps ultimately save you time and distress. (They are free, but there may be ads or other trade-offs.) All are available on the App Store or Google Play.

We are not endorsing any of them. Rather, we are naming apps that have been reviewed by organizations such as AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) and seem generally well rated. They are grouped here in terms of common features. Not all features are in each app named in a group. Conversely, apps are frequently updated to include new features. This review can give you at least a sense of the range of applications. Maybe there’s an app for what you need!

Updating others; asking for and scheduling help
Two apps that have stood the test of time are Lotsa Helping Hands and Caring Bridge. You invite others to join an online community so you can send out group updates, upload recent photos, display a calendar with needed tasks, request help, etc.

Medication management
Common features include tracking prescriptions and refills, sending reminders to your loved one, and receiving alerts if a dose is missed. Most support quick lookup of instructions and side effects. Some deliver discount coupons. Check out Medisafe, CareZone, and MyMeds.

All-in-one app
Consider Caring Village if you want to facilitate communication, scheduling, and medication management using just one app. It includes options for uploading and storing documents (for example, an advance directive).