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LiveWell Elder Care Management offers a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for older adults. Our guidance leads individuals and families to the actions and decisions that ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love, thus reducing worry, stress and time off of work for family caregivers.

We have a number of signature services to meet your aging care needs.

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Assessment and Care Planning

Our care manager conducts a comprehensive in-home assessment to understand your loved one’s strengths, needs, challenges, goals and preferences. We then work with you and your family to determine priorities, review options, make informed decisions and implement creative solutions.

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Accessing and Initiating Services

We have extensive knowledge about the cost, quality and availability of resources in the community.  Our care manager will recommend and initiate the most appropriate services and programs for your loved one in their current setting or assist with transitioning to a more supported living environment.

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Ongoing Support

Our care manager will remain actively involved to monitor your loved one’s care and adjust to changing needs and circumstances. This is accomplished through care coordination, effective advocacy, responsive problem solving and clear communication with all of those involved.

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From Hospital to Home

Transitioning home following a hospitalization and/or admission to a Rehabilitation or Skilled Nursing Facility due to an illness, surgery or injury is often an overwhelming and uncertain process.  LiveWell Elder Care Management assists older adults and their families navigating this process to ensure a smooth transition, maximize client safety and independence, and prevent rehospitalization.  Our care manager will communicate directly with discharge planners and facility staff to determine the client’s limitations and need for equipment, transportation, medications, services and follow up appointments.  The care manager will then ensure these recommendations are in place and are functioning appropriately so that the client may discharge and remain home safely.

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Care Management for Long Distance Families

Long-distance families have the same concerns and pressures as local caregivers – and then some.  LiveWell Elder Care Management can provide local knowledge and help with caregiving logistics such as regular monitoring and crisis prevention/intervention, hiring and overseeing of in home caregivers, interacting with medical professionals,  transporting and attending appointments with clients, advocacy on client and caregivers behalf.   This enables the long-distance family member to stay informed, save time and travel, and be assured that their loved one is in capable hands.

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Medication and Medical Appointment Management

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Move and Placement Assistance

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Home Safety and Aging in Place Evaluations

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Family Caregiver Education and Coaching

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Care Management for Elder Law Attorneys and Trust Officers

LiveWell Elder Care Management can be a valuable member of your estate planning team due to our expertise and ability to make recommendations related to the proper care of an older adult.  Attorneys often rely on care managers to determine appropriate levels of care for clients and make recommendations for specific services that meet their clients’ needs.  Through comprehensive assessments that examine health and wellness, memory and mental health, social support networks, and financial resources, LiveWell Elder Care Management will craft a long-term care plan that ensures the estate plan matches the reality of the elder’s situation at home.

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