Dementia care

If your loved one has dementia (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia), you are likely worried about their safety. Perhaps they only have mild cognitive impairment. Is their home environment set up to support them now? What about the future? And as their cognitive abilities become more clouded?

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Assessment and Care Plan

We begin with a thorough assessment of your relative’s strengths—what is working well for them, what they can still do—and then look at those areas where they may need additional support.

In terms of services, we look to community programs and in-home assistance to help with transportation, meal preparation, daily chores, and personal care. We know the local providers and can help you find the best home care assistance in north Middlesex County, north Worcester County and surrounding communities.

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Home safety assessment

Informed by experience with occupational therapy and physical therapy, our Aging Life Care™ Managers do a thorough evaluation of the home, looking for safety issues, resolving hazards, suggesting small modifications or larger remodels if warranted. In addition to dementia-friendly design, we are looking for fall prevention solutions. Falls are a significant contributor to an older adult needing to move into assisted living or memory care.

Drawing upon our longtime connections, we can recommend licensed and bonded contractors who understand the safety needs of seniors. Or it may be that adaptive devices or technology, such as a smart pill dispenser, can assist with difficult care challenges.

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Medical advocacy

Is your loved one getting the medical attention they deserve? When older adults have cognitive impairment, they often need an advocate to be sure that providers are offering state-of-the-art treatments. They also need help with sticking to the doctor’s orders. Our experience working with people who have Alzheimer’s disease and other memory problems relieves you of worry on this front. We know to pay special attention to symptoms of bladder infections and fevers, for instance, as they can make memory and thinking worse. We can nip problems in the bud and help you avoid unnecessary, costly, and disruptive Emergency Room visits and hospitalizations.

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Keeping the family updated

Understandably, you want to be in the communication loop regarding your loved one’s care. Before each medical visit, we contact you to determine if you have specific questions. Then afterward you receive an update based on what the doctors have recommended.

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Caregiver coaching

Want help understanding your loved one’s unusual behavior? Need assistance balancing your home, work, and family commitments? Looking for someone to help get your siblings all on the same page in terms of caring for mom and dad? Caregiver coaching is our specialty. Whether you prefer phone, Zoom, or in-person visits (available in north Middlesex County, north Worcester County and surrounding communities), we support you as you navigate the challenges, and changes, that come along with the progression of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive conditions.

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