Long-distance caregiving

We understand how difficult it is caring for elderly parents, especially when you live far away. The phone, or even Zoom, is not the same as being there. But constant travel back and forth is not realistic.

You have a busy professional and personal life. Without living nearby with eyes on the ground, it’s hard to know what’s needed. You are most likely not an expert in eldercare. How to know when a change is “normal aging” or when it’s a red flag signaling something more serious? You need an eldercare strategy that also allows for work–life balance.

  • Are your visits and phone calls taken up with logistics and worry?
  • Are you frequently having to take time off to address problems with mom or dad?
  • Are your responsibilities and relationships at home suffering?

These are common challenges with long-distance caregiving. Let us be the “professional daughter” and apply our experience and local connections so you are liberated to be the actual daughter or son, providing the affection and connection that only a family member can give. Even if the relationship was never a close one, we can make sure that all the bases are covered so you can rest easy.

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You remain informed

  • Frequent communication
    • Before and after a medical visit. We connect with you to learn more about your current concerns and then report back after the doctor’s visit. You stay in the loop.
    • Technological support. We can facilitate family access to patient and client portals of the medical practices and home care services involved in your loved one’s care. Distance does not have to hinder your ability to communicate with these important providers if you want to.
  • There in an emergency
    You can hire us to be on call so your loved one has a medical advocate who can meet them at the ER should an emergency arise. We know their medical conditions and goals of care. We can give you ongoing reports, facilitate communication while in the hospital, and make recommendations about the best time for you to take off and come visit. (For instance, your presence might be most meaningful after your relative is discharged home!). We can also assist with transfer to the best skilled nursing facility if daily rehabilitation therapy is needed (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy).
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Caregiver coaching

Caregiver coaching is our specialty. Guilt, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, and family caregiver stress and burnout. These are very common emotional effects of caring for an elderly parent. Doubly so when you live far away!

You are not alone. There are support programs available. Plus, we are happy to help you gain a better overview of your loved one’s condition and how it impacts the entire family. Their issues present issues for you. We understand that and can help you strategize so you can reduce family caregiver stress and keep a calm work–life balance.

Whether you prefer phone, Zoom, or in-person visits (available in north Middlesex County, north Worcester County and surrounding communities), we support you as you navigate the challenges and changes of eldercare. Give us a call at 978-660-7835.

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